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Peace to All !


God is the source of all things :

all Power, Wisdom, Beauty, and Truth flow from HIM.

It is Evil that deceives and plots in the dark.

All knowledge is with God.

The things that are good and pure and true are not as the things that are evil, deceitful, and false.

God is free of all needs : it is we that need HIM : let us seek HIS love and live.

HIS message will save us from wrong, while dark is the fate of those who reject HIM.

Praise and glory to HIM, the Cherisher of all !


The Opening Chapter 

“In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful,

Praise be to God, The Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds;

Most Gracious, Most Merciful;

Master of the Day of Judgement.

Thee do we worship, And Thine aid we seek,

Show us the straight way,

The way of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace, Those whose (portion) is not wrath, And who go not astray.”

(Qur’an Chapter 1, Al-Faatihah verses 1-7)


Purity (of Faith)

“Say : HE is God, The One and Only,

God, the Eternal, Absolute;

HE begetteth not, Nor is HE begotten;

And there is none like unto HIM.”

(Qur’an Chapter 112, Al-Ikhlas verses 1-4)


The Dawn

“Say : I seek refuge with the Lord of the Dawn,

From the mischief of created things;

From the mischief of Darkness as it overspreads;

From the mischief of those who practise Secret Arts;

And from the mischief of the envious one as he practises envy.”

(Qur’an Chapter 113, Al-Falaq verses 1-5)



“Say : I seek refuge with the Lord and Cherisher of Mankind,

The King (or Ruler) of Mankind,

The God (or Judge) of Mankind –

From the mischief of the Whisperer (of Evil), who withdraws (after his whisper),-

(The same) who whispers into the hearts of Mankind,-

Among Jinns and among Men.”

(Qur’an, Chapter 114, An-Nas verses 1-6)


“I put my trust in God,

My Lord and your Lord !

There is not a moving creature, but HE hath grasp of its fore-lock.

Verily, it is my Lord that is on a straight Path.”

(Qur’an, Chapter 11, Hud verse 56)


A seeker of Truth